This section signposts mental health support for RAF personnel, including Reservists, and their families, and resources for sleep problems, anxiety and stress management.

Suicide prevention support

Mental health emergencies are serious – if you feel like your life is at risk, you may attempt suicide or you have seriously harmed yourself call 999.

Alternatively, in a non-emergency situation you can call an urgent mental health helpline for support for you, your child or someone you care for:

Find out the measures Defence are taking to reduce suicide and better support those affected by it.

Mental health support for RAF Service Personnel

A DMS Medical Centre GP should be the first point of contact for Service personnel and mobilised Reservists that need support with mental health. If required, you may be referred to the Department of Community Mental Health (DCMH). DCMH is staffed by psychiatrists, mental health nurses, clinical psychologists and mental health social workers and provide a wide range of psychiatric and psychological treatments; medication, psychological therapies, social support and a change of environment where appropriate.