Despite a shared language, you can expect big differences in the way of life over in the USA. Moving to the USA requires research, forward planning and patience.

It is highly recommended that you make good use of your predecessor or immediate colleagues’ knowledge as the nature of the United States federal system of government can mean each state has a very different approach to customs, laws, taxes and individual rights, which can further complicate the transition.

The British Embassy in Washington D.C and HR teams in Virginia Tidewater area, Edwards Air Force Base (AFB), Creech AFB, Poway, Tampa and Eglin AFB can provide advice and guidance but onus rests with you to research the area you are assigned to before you travel, or better still, before you apply for an assignment in the USA.

Here we try to give you a starting point for your research, signposting you to the best known locational information sources:

USA Assignment

Image Credit: N Mills

Support from the US Department of Defence

British Service personnel and their families serving in America have access to Military OneSource from the USA Defense Department. It is a 24/7 gateway to trusted information, resources and confidential help designed to help you overcome challenges and thrive.