Overseas assignment location information

Use the interactive map to find information for overseas assignment locations. It brings together information from multiple sources into a central location helping you prior to departure and whilst in-country – each pin takes you to information for that location.

Alternatively, use the tiles below to navigate the location information available on this site:

Loan Service

If you are being posted to a location on Loan Service, such as Oman, some arrangements and terms and conditions may be different to those who are posted via a different route. The Service person should receive a booklet from their Career Manager with a range of information about loan service for the location.

We brief family members who are going on loan service three times a year in groups, which is arranged by MOD. You are welcome to contact us at any time with a specific query if you have any concerns or a specific questions.

Global information sources

If the location you are going to is not covered, here we share some information which is applicable wherever you are in the world:

Overseas Welfare Information

There is usually local welfare provision overseas and you should be made aware by your unit where to go locally with welfare concerns – this will often be covered on arrival briefings.

In remote locations, and on smaller units, there may be limitations to what is available locally, so we have compiled a list of resources with a global reach.


Support from the HIVE and International HIVE (iHIVE):

On behalf of the Chain of Command HIVE delivers information support for the whole military community on a wide variety of topics affecting their everyday Service and personal life; relocation, accommodation, health and wellbeing, education, employment, deployment, resettlement, and the local area.

Support is available face-to-face through a network of HIVE Information Centres in both the UK and Overseas, as well as online through the HIVE blogs and Social media: Facebook and Twitter.

HIVE staff will research on your behalf and are able to provide confidential signposting to further sources of support. HIVE produces arrival packs for those relocating and deployment packs to support families during operational deployments.

For those considering overseas postings or already at post, the Tri-Service International HIVE (iHIVE) provide location-specific guides and information to assist informed decision-making and on-going support.

Useful overseas help topics

How to prepare for an overseas assignment:

Overseas move checklist to help you navigate the complexities an overseas move with the RAF, sequenced and broken down into stages.

What to think about before applying for an overseas assignment:

  • At home considerations
  • In-country considerations
  • Considerations for partners Considerations with children
  • Additional considerations

How we can help

If you are having trouble finding information for a specific location we can help you identify and signpost you to trusted sources.