Why living in Scotland is different to the rest of the UK

Since Devolution in 1997, the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood can pass laws on devolved matters – in general, those affecting most aspects of day-to-day life in Scotland.

The UK Parliament at Westminster continues to pass laws on reserved matters – in general, those with a UK-wide or international impact. Devolved matters include (amongst other things):

  • education and training
  • environment
  • health and social services
  • housing
  • law and order

What you need to think about before moving to Scotland

Before moving to Scotland it is worth familiarising yourself with the differences caused by the devolution before you make the move, including:

Information for Service personnel in Scotland

Welcome to Scotland Guide

The Scottish Government published a Welcome to Scotland Guide detailing information on housing, education, healthcare employment benefits and social care to help inform armed forces personnel and families moving into the country.

Welcome to Scotland Guide (gov.scot) >

Welcome to Scotland Guide