Support services available to RAF families with additional needs and disabilities

The Forces Additional Needs And Disabilities Forum (FANDF)

The Forces Additional Needs and Disability Forum (FANDF) is a tri-Service support group that offers support and advice to Service families who have a child or adult dependent with additional needs and/or disabilities (AN&D), and is facilitated by SSAFA. Membership is free and open to:

  • Parents of children with additional needs and disabilities from service families.
  • Partners/spouses of SP with a disability.
  • SP with a disability.
  • Carers of SP or their families.

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FANDF mission

  • To give a voice to Forces families with additional needs and disabilities.
  • To change attitudes towards families with additional needs and disabilities within the Armed Forces.
  • To ensure policy and decision makers understand the needs of Forces families, who have additional needs and disabilities.

FANDF have created a booklet for Service families with guidance on SSAFA support, welfare and health care provision, housing and education. Guide for Service families with family members who have additional needs and disabilities >

Additional Needs and Disability Adaptations (ANDA) for Service Family Accommodation (SFA)

The Pinnacle team can provide help if you or your family members have any additional needs or disability requirements which may require alterations to be made to your SFA. They can liaise with the appropriate welfare agencies to ensure that, wherever possible, you get a home which meets the needs of your family.

See our SFA pages for more information.

The Armed Forces Chronic conditions and Disability in Defence (AF CanDiD) Network

This network has been established to connect and support Service personnel, family members and veterans diagnosed with, or caring for persons diagnosed with a life-changing or life-limiting condition, impairment or disability.

The AF CanDiD Network aims to empower people so that they can help themselves and each other and to educate people by signposting to other networks and to Service welfare professionals.

CanDiD can be contacted via Facebook and by [email protected]

Emails are then filtered to the relevant single service advocates who seek advice on behalf of the Service family.

Funding available

Both the Royal Air Force Association (RAFA) and the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund may be able to help with support costs for RAF families who have a family member with an additional need or disability in certain circumstances.

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