A dispersed family is a Armed Forces family that lives off-base. Whilst there are many benefits to living in your own home, there are also some limitations. Here we share information and support services available to you to help you overcome the challenges of being a dispersed family.

Summary of reported advantages:

  • Living in own home/ home ownership
  • Choice to leave near family and friends
  • Educational stability for children
  • Employment stability for non-serving partner

Summary of reported disadvantages:

  • Perceived reduction in support from the RAF
  • Separation from spouse/partner during working week
  • Increased costs; travel, second car, property, etc.
  • Reduced work-life balance for Service person

Support available to dispersed families

If you live away from a RAF unit, you may be uncertain of the support that is available to you from the RAF. Here we signpost you to information sources and known support services:

Facebook group for Dispersed Families

The RAF Families’ Federation runs a Facebook group for families who live away from their parent station. This is a direct result of the Dispersed Families project, where a number of families said they would like to be able to get in touch with others in a similar position.

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Distance from the parent unit (or other RAF stations) is reported as a barrier for families when accessing support. Here we share links to RAF resources to help you identify what is accessible to you.

  • RAF HIVE finder you can seek information and support from the HiVE at the unit where the serving RAF member of your family is based, regardless of where the rest of your family lives.
  • RAF Station pages – select your parent st