If you want to apply for SFA in the UK a full guide can be found on Pinnacle’s Applying for Service Families Accommodation pages. The Home Services team can assist with the application and allocation process.

Who to Contact

The Home Services team are available 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday on 0800 031 8628 (Option 2) or via: [email protected]

When to apply for SFA

If you already live in Service Family Accommodation in the UK and have received your assignment order, please make sure you complete your application on the e-1132 system within 14 days so our Home Services team can start working on it straight away.


To apply for Service Family Accommodation you can complete an online application via the e-1132 system (Defence Intranet).

To access the e-1132 system you need to be logged into Defence Intranet and paste https://e1132.domis-r.r.mil.uk/e1132/ into the search bar. (For security reasons, the e-1132 system does not work on the Internet).

The e-1132 system enables you to:

  • See available SFA that meets your requirements
  • Track you application progress
  • Book your move in date, once you have accepted an offer
  • Sign your Licence to Occupy
  • Book a move out appointment, where relevant

Additional needs provision

The Pinnacle team can also help if you or your family members have any additional needs or disability requirements which may require alterations to be made to your SFA. They can liaise with the appropriate welfare agencies to ensure that, wherever possible, you get a home which meets the needs of your family.

You must remember to include all relevant information, with supporting written medical evidence, on your application for SFA. You can find out more on Pinnacles ANDA pages here. The Additional Needs and Disability Adaptation Request Form is found on this page as is a confidential link to the teams email address ([email protected]).

Additional needs and disabled requirements for SFA

For more information about the support available to you if a member of your family has a disability or additional needs, please see our Family Support and Education webpages.

Retention of SFA beyond entitlement

It is possible to retain your SFA for a set period of time and in certain circumstances (e.g. children’s educational needs) but please consult JSP 464 for full details.

Entitlement rules and regulations

JSP 464 is the definitive policy for the provision of service family accommodation, single living accommodation and the substitute equivalents.

To access all of the formal information about your entitlement, and the application process, go to the DIO Service Family Accommodation pages.

Accommodation charges

Going Overseas

If you are moving to an overseas posting, further information can be found on GOV.UK or the DIO Service Family Accommodation pages or JSP 464.