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Service Pension schemes

  • AFPS 15 (Armed Forces Pension Scheme 2015) – Introduced on 1 April 2015. All Service personnel who are members of an Armed Forces Pension Scheme and will be automatically transferred to AFPS 15, unless they qualify for transitional protection.

  • AFPS 05 (Armed Forces Pension Scheme 2005) – Introduced on 6 April 2005. From that date those joining the Regular Armed Forces were eligible to become members of the Armed Forces Pension Scheme 2005. Members of AFPS 75 were given the opportunity to transfer to the new scheme.

  • RFPS (Reserve Forces Pension Scheme) – Introduced on 6 April 2005 for those joining Full Time Reserve Service. Members of AFPS 75 – FTRS (Full Time Reserve Scheme, part of AFPS 75) were given the opportunity to transfer to RFPS from this date.

  • AFPS 75 (Armed Forces Pension Scheme 1975) – Introduced in 1975 this scheme was closed to new entrants on 5 April 2005.