Tuesday 27th October 2020

What you need to know about preparing for winter in Service Families Accommodation (SFA).

In this item, as part of housing month, we explain why it’s important to prepare your SFA for winter and the actions you can take to get ready.

Reasons to prepare your SFA for winter

  • It is your responsibility – You are responsible for making sure that your service family Accommodation is adequately protected from winter hazards.
  • You are liable – You could be liable for any repairs that are needed as a result of your actions or inactions (as outlined in your licence to occupy).
  • It can reduce unnecessary stress – Dealing with winter damage can be a stressful.
  • It prevents damage – Valuable items and personal possessions can be affected if measures are not taken to prepare your accommodation for winter.

Steps to take to protect your SFA from the winter elements

So, we’ve quickly established it is in your best interest to take some measures to protect your property against . Here are some quick and esy steps you can take for maximumimpact:

  • Isolate your outside tap to stop it from freezing in cold weather
  • Check your guttering and roof for signs of damage and make sure any overspill pipes are not trickling water. Any problems should be raised with Amey.
  • Keep your internal doors open, especially when you go out, this will help heat to circulate around your house.
  • Maintain a constant temperature of 15 degrees in cold weather, in line with fuel economy requirements, even if you are away from home – and keep your radiator valves turned on.
  • Do not store personal possessions in the loft to keep insulation in good condition.
  • Check that you’re heating and hot water is working correctly before the cold weather sets in and report any issues to Amey.
  • Turn off water using the stopcock if there is any chance of pipes freezing when you are away from home.
  • Ask a trusted friend or neighbour to look after your house when you are away so they can make checks on your home, you can always return the favour another time.
  • Arrange your own liability insurance cover of at least £20,000. The service insurance and investment advisory panel ( SIIAP ) provides details of insurance providers who can ensure you have the necessary Licence to occupy cover for SFA.

Amey more information to make sure you are winter ready.

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