RAFFF Overseas Interactive Map

Monday 11th September 2023

The RAF Families Federation is proud to announce the availability of its new interactive map for RAF personnel and families on, returning from, or considering an overseas assignment.

View the map here >

The interactive map highlights the wide range of information and support available to RAF personnel and families across the globe. It provides a central resource for overseas tours, enabling better preparedness. It provides links to useful overseas checklists and guides, as well as country-specific information.

Each pin on the map indicates where there is location information and resources available. Clicking on the pins will take you directly to the information portal or location guide for that area.

A RAF Community Forum member, who was involved in reviewing the interactive map, commented:

“I found the infographic extremely helpful, as I’m currently preparing to move back to the UK I’ve found there is very little support from unit HR – the checklist we get here involves leaving SFA here, applying for SFA at the new unit and arriving with HR at the new unit which is definitely missing quite a bit of information!”

The team are very grateful to the specialists who contributed to it and to our personnel and families that reviewed it and provided feedback. If you know of additional content that could improve the infographic, contact us: [email protected]

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