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Wednesday 15th November 2023

The RAF Families Federation has welcomed the opportunity to review the progress made since the July 2021 report into Women in the Armed Forces, in response to the Defence Select Committee follow-up review.

The original report ‘Protecting those who protect us: Women in the Armed Forces from Recruitment to Civilian Life’ identified the challenges faced by women in the Armed Forces and made recommendations for improvements. It did this with evidence provided directly from female personnel as well as evidence from key stakeholders, including the RAF Families Federation.

Summary of our findings:

“Whilst significant work has gone into developing improved policies that support some of the Select Committee recommendations from 2021, more can and should be done to address more fundamental change, such as the specific recommendation for a central Defence Authority. There is limited evidence that a positive change has occurred – for example, the retention of female personnel has not improved, nor has there been a drop in female personnel saying they have experienced harassment.”

View the 2023 evidence submitted by the RAF Families Federation here >


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