Wednesday 13th October 2021

If you are assigned overseas to the United States, or you are currently living there, the BDSUS Information Portal is a website you may want to bookmark.

Moving to the USA is an exciting opportunity, however life is very different than in the UK. As with any big change, you will need to be prepared for a new set of complex challenges to navigate. Whilst the British Embassy and locally based teams do offer advice and guidance the onus rests with the individual(s) to research and prepare for the variety of tasks required to settle in the US.

The BDSUS Information Portal was created to help UK military, MOD civilians and their families plan for the new way of life. The portal is intended to be a reference site, so as questions arise you can look up the relevant information.

The subject matter on the site will not affect everyone as each person will have a unique set of circumstances and priorities. Due to the broad and detailed information housed on the site,from arrival procedures, to medical support family specific guidance on schooling, the search tool makes finding what you need easy.

There are currently over 1,000 Service personnel and UKbased civilians across 30 states and across five time zones. Including family members the total is in excess of 2,000 UK personnel. The nature of the United States federal system of government means each state has a different approach to customs, law, taxes and individual rights, which can further complicate the transition.

For advice and guidance on moving to the United States visit, BDSUS

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