Tuesday 19th October 2021

The RAF Families Federation team enjoyed a bespoke HQ Air Community Support course last week.

The online course provided new team members key insights into how the RAF – and key support organisations – support personnel and families. The information worked for longer serving team members too, including our longest serving team mate Stan – the accommodation legend!

Maria Lyle, RAF FF Director said: “I enjoyed the week, and the flexibility of the online course maximised the Team’s attendance and ability to maintain our primary role. We all really appreciated the opportunity to have a bespoke course, and every one of us took something new away from it. It was a great piece of partnership working, that we hope was useful for the RAF Community Support attendees too.”

Warrant Officer Jon Sykes
Warrant Officer Jon Sykes

WO Jon Sykes delivered and facilitated the course with a number of other key speakers, and summed the week up: “It has been a useful opportunity for me to able to deliver and facilitate online presentations of the matters of the moment subjects ranging from Welfare Development, Recovery Pathway, Accommodation matters, Community and Family support and Specialist agency support from SSAFA. I very much look forward to providing a further update session and keeping the engagement moving forward.”

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