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Tuesday 1st August 2023

A new cancer research hospital is being built on the Biomedical Campus in Cambridge and will be the specialist cancer hospital for the East of England. The new hospital will combine NHS clinical expertise with cutting edge research from the University of Cambridge to accelerate the early detection of cancer and lead the way in delivering bespoke, precision treatments that will radically improve patient outcomes. We want to provide the best possible care and support for cancer patients and their families.

The Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital project is also committed to undertaking meaningful engagement with past and current cancer patients, carers, family members and members of the public across the East of England. In order to build a hospital that is right for the individuals and communities it will serve, we must ensure that planning is informed by the experience and input of patients, families and staff. We have a duty to understand the challenges, issues and experiences of healthcare that individuals and communities have had to make sure the hospital is the best it can be for everyone. 

We would appreciate any insights into your experience of accessing healthcare and hospitals by filling in this survey.


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