Friday 24th November 2023

Electric Vehicle Charging Point (EVCP) installations are temporarily paused due to the need to prioritise DIO Accommodation funding for major work programmes to resolve issues such as damp and mould.

DIO will continue to review this position as the financial year progresses and all existing and new requests will be recorded and prioritised for delivery when installations resume. DIO apologises for any inconvenience caused to families and is working hard to secure the necessary funding to enable EVCP installations to resume.

Installation of EVCP by OZEV installers

In the meantime, when families contact the National Service Centre to enquire about installing an EVCP, Pinnacle is advising that under the encroachment process, they are authorised to contact a certified EVCP installer who must be approved by the Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles (OZEV). Details of certified OZEV installers can be found here.

Removal of EVCP installations

All EVCP installations undertaken by an OZEV approved and certified installer can be left in place and will not need to be removed at Move Out. However, should a family wish to remove the EVCP prior to Move Out, they will need to contact a National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) approved and certified electrician to ensure it is safely removed.  Families will be liable for any damage caused by the installation, use, or removal of self-procured EVCPs.

Should you have any queries contact Pinnacle.

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