Statutory and Mandatory Checks on SFA

Carrying out Statutory and Mandatory checks is a legal requirement for Landlords, including DIO. These checks are essential to maintain a safe and compliant SFA estate, as well as reducing the risk of failure to critical infrastructure.

The number of overdue checks has risen significantly, and now presents a clear danger to affected occupants. Whilst Service families have concerns, especially those who are isolating and/or shielding, in allowing access to their homes so these checks can be carried out. This is despite guidance on how safety checks will be carried out, fully in line with Government and Devolved Administration advice.

This message has been reinforced by a video animation to reassure families that the safety of occupants and Amey operatives is a priority when checks are carried out to keep their homes, and those of their neighbours, safe. If the DIO are unable to resolve the issue, more robust measures to gain access to properties to allow these vital safety checks to be carried out will be considered.

Go to the MOD Website for further guidance.

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash