Tuesday 27th April 2021

Researchers at King’s College London are carrying out a study into maternal mental health in the military community. Women who have a serving partner in the military not only have to deal with pregnancy, they must also manage additional pressures associated with military life, such as frequent relocation and family separation. However, we know very little about what pregnancy and early motherhood is like for UK military spouses and partners, with the majority of available evidence coming from the US.

Improving the care to military mums

This important research will help us to understand and improve the care offered by health services to military mums, including military spouses and serving women. The study is being supported by the Naval Families Federation (NFF), Army Families Federation (AFF) and RAF Families Federation (RAFFF) and funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

Take part in the WOW study

If you are pregnant or up to 12 months postnatal and have a partner in the Navy, Army or RAF, you may be eligible to take part.

WOW Study contact information

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