Service Family Accommodation

Thursday 25th April 2019

Running a small business from home makes sense for many families. It offers greater flexibility for those who move frequently, have childcare or other caring responsibilities. 

If you wish to run a business from your Service Family Accommodation (SFA), you must gain prior written approval from your Local Service Commander and from Amey Defence Services.

What type of businesses can you run from your SFA?

In general, businesses that cause no disruption or damage to your house and your neighbourhood are permitted, for example, home working, running an internet-based company, running a small registered childminding business, offering beauty treatments, etc.

You must not run a business that would require installation of industrial machinery or require storage of heavy, large, toxic or explosive materials. Doing car repairs at your SFA is not permitted. Any suitable business should be safely managed.

Things to consider when running a business from your SFA

How much noise do you produce when running your business?
When running a business from your SFA you should avoid any disturbance to your neighbours and neighbourhood. Noise should not be heard outside the property during the evening, night or early morning

Do you need to use your garden?
If you use your garden as part of your business, such as a play area for childminding, make sure all risks are managed, and that noise and damage is limited

How will you avoid damages?
You are responsible for limiting damage to the SFA either by yourself, your family or visitors, and for taking action to make repairs

Will your business cause a nuisance to your neighbours or neighbourhood?
Businesses or commercial undertakings that cause a nuisance to neighbours/neighbourhood are not permitted, for example, providing advice services where members of the public would constantly visit the SFA, or running a business that involves keeping a large number of loud animals

Is your SFA suitable for what your business needs?
The Ministry of Defence will not fund any improvements to your home to allow you to run your business. If you want to run your business from your SFA, consider if it already suits your business needs

Source: Amey

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