Women in Defence Mentoring Programme visual 2022

Thursday 7th July 2022

The RAF are seeking to identify 40 participants to take part as mentees for the third year of the highly successful Women in Defence cross-organisational mentoring programme. Applications are open to all women in RAF regular and reserve service and to Civil Servants in the rank/grades of Cpl/Sgt/Flt Lt/Sqn Ldr and C2.

The programme seeks mentees who meet the following criteria:

  • Keen to develop and prepared to take responsibility for progressing their career.
  • Ready to be mentored, with a willingness to seek feedback and receive advice.
  • Aware of their own strengths and limitations.
  • Resilient and consistently committed to getting things done.
  • Willing to take ownership of the mentoring relationship and adopt a positive approach to working with mentors.

What is the aim of the Women in Defence Mentoring Programme?

This is a unique cross-sector mentoring programme run in partnership with Women in Defence and Moving Ahead that is designed to improve diversity and gender balance within UK Defence. Successful mentors and mentees from the Defence public sector will be matched with mentors and mentees from the Defence private sector. Participants will be able to gain invaluable feedback and perspectives from people with different experiences and background but who also have an in-depth knowledge of the sector.

Section 158 of the Equality Act 2010 permits employers to take positive action measures to improve equality for people who share a protected characteristic in certain circumstances. Where participation in an activity by persons who share a protected characteristic is disproportionately low, it is lawful for an employer to take action which is a proportionate means of achieving the aim of enabling or encouraging persons who share the protected characteristic to participate in that activity. The number of women completing a full career within the RAF is disproportionately low and it is assessed that this mentorship programme will encourage and motivate those Servicewomen who are selected, increasing the likelihood of them remaining in Service.

What does the Women in Defence mentoring programme involve?

Selected Mentees will be matched with Mentors based on participants’ profiles, experience and skills. The programme begins at the launch event in Sep 22 and takes the form of a one-on-one mentoring partnership over the 9-month period between Sep 22 – May 23, as well as some joint events in central London. Individual meetings between the Mentors and Mentees will take place around every 4-6 weeks, under individual arrangements. Participation in the programme will be paid for centrally, costs for any T&S or RSDs associated with participation will lie where they fall, and approval must be sought from the Chain of Command before applying.

How can I apply to take part in the Women in Defence mentoring programme as a Mentee?

If you wish to be considered for this opportunity, please complete the form HERE by COP Mon 18 Jul 22. Alternatively, please email the Gender Network WiD Team with the following information:

  • Up to 200 words outlining why you wish to take part as a mentee (in an email or attached as a word document).
  • Confirmation that you have an EED not before Apr 2024.

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