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Wednesday 12th June 2019

Last summer, the NHS launched its first recruitment drive in over a decade – We are the NHS – with an initial priority to increase the nursing workforce. The £6 million campaign led to a 4.5% increase in applications to nursing degrees. It is now turning its attention to getting more nurses back into practice and back into the NHS workforce.

Nurses leave the profession for a variety of reasons. Some have children or start a new career, while others retire. Many want to come back but don’t know they can or where to start.  

This campaign is about reminding nurses why they fell in love with their profession and then supporting them on their journey back with useful information on financial support, where to find courses and tips on applications and interviews.

Courses and financial support

Return to practice courses are available across the country, and course fees are paid by Health Education England. You’ll also receive at least £500 to help with travel, childcare and book costs 

Get back to what you love! Search ‘return to nursing’ or sign up to and email guide on returning to nursing at

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