Wraparound childcare did you know

Thursday 7th September 2023

Information about WAC can easily be overlooked or misunderstood, so we have created quick tips and key information below to answer your questions and make WAC registration as seamless as possible.

Wraparound Childcare Tips

Tax-Free Childcare account (TFC)

Service families need to have a valid and active TFC account for each child before they can register for WAC.  Childcare costs must be paid from your child’s TFC account to be able to claim WAC funding. You or your partner can set up your child’s Tax-Free Childcare account today.

WAC registration

The way you register for WAC has changed. The new registration process uses an online form and is easier  to submit.

If you already have a WAC registration number (WAC000000) for each child, you DO NOT need to re-register for WAC, as long as you continue to meet the eligibility criteria.

To register, follow these 5 simple steps:

  1.  RECORD your child on JPA
  2. CHECK if you are eligible for WAC
  3. APPLY for a Tax-free Childcare account
  4. REGISTER your child using this form
  5. CLAIM up to 20 hours per week using this calculator

Children with disabilities

If you receive disability benefits for your child, you may be eligible to claim TFC and WAC until 1 September after your child’s 16th birthday.

Eligibility expansion update

The following personnel are now also eligible to claim for WAC:

  • Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS) personnel who are on Home or Limited Commitment.
  • Personnel Serving overseas unaccompanied (VOLSEP).

If you are eligible, register for WAC.

Capped hourly rates

The capped hourly rates have changed for the 2023/24 academic year, and the amount of funding you can claim may have gone up or down. Check the rates in the Wraparound Childcare DIN on defnet or Defence Connect.

Personal Status Categories (PSTAT Cats)

If you are PSTAT Cat 3, 4 or 5, you may be eligible for WAC. Your registration will be highlighted to the WAC team who will contact you for further information to assess your eligibility. Once assessed, you will be sent an email with the outcome of your registration.

Do you have a query? Join our family Q&A session

The WAC team will be live on MS Teams on Tuesday 26 September from 18.30-19.30. This is an opportunity for families to ask the WAC team questions about the scheme.

Join the meeting:

WAC family Q&A session MS teams link

Dial in using the following details:

+44 20 3443 8728 Conference ID: 583 708 630#

Need more information?

To learn more about WAC and what you need to do to claim:

Any questions?

If you need any more information, contact the WAC team at [email protected]

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