Thursday 21st January 2021

Are you serving overseas? We know the last year has been really challenging for those stationed overseas, often separated for far longer from family and friends than expected, and unable to return to the UK. The RAF Families Federation is therefore inviting those of you who are overseas to apply for items that could give you or your family members a boost.  

We want to reach out to the serving RAF family worldwide.  Whether you are single or married, serving personnel or a member of a serving RAF family.  

A very special new fund is available. 

We are thinking of you. 

The RAF Families Federation, kindly supported by our friends at the Annington Trust, invite applications for funding from members of the RAF Family overseas (Regulars, Reservists, single and married personnel and their families) for items that could bring joy, excitement and connection as the impact of the global pandemic is still so widely felt. Either apply yourself, or nominate someone else overseas in the RAF family that you want to recognise. 

You may want board games, books, vouchers for: hosted parties, escape room or quizzes, hampers of British food, nerf guns or lego! The list is by no means exhaustive and we will consider applications in support of a wide range of items, however practical issues mean that subscriptions won’t be considered. 

If you would like to apply please email [email protected]  including the following detail: 

  • Rank and Surname of Serving Person
  • Location of posting
  • Items requested – including link to website if possible
  • Delivery address  

Applications are to be submitted by 9 am UK time 22nd February 2021.  

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