Wednesday 10th June 2020

This month’s campaign from the Get Safe Online team covers the internet and your wellbeing. A very real topic at the moment with COVID-19 and the RAF’s Cyber Safeguarding and Awareness Flight share the following downloadable booklet to offer help and advice.

These days, we’re all spending considerably more time online, whether it’s doing the shopping we’d normally go out for, socialising we’d normally meet up for, classwork our children would normally go to school for or remote meetings we’d normally get together for. Many of us are also whiling away many more hours on social media and other sites for our relaxation.

The internet has really come into its own during lockdown. But for many of us, there’s a downside too: the potential of mental health issues resulting from – or increased by – our increased use of it.

Read more by clicking on the downloadable booklet below:

Front cover image of the RAF's initiative - called you, the internet and your wellbeing.

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