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Friday 9th October 2020

SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity is running two webinar sessions for members of the Bereaved Families Support Group or those who are eligible for the service.

These sessions are run by SSAFA in collaboration with Brent Bereavement Service, for members of SSAFA’s Support Groups.

Session One – Q&A on Bereavement and Loss – Saturday 10 October

The first session will be a question and answer style platform for those who want to learn more about the grief process and how it affects you and those around you. You will learn about how to support yourself in your daily life and to provide you will tools to support others. Throughout the session attendees do not have to take part and can remain anonymous if they wish.

Session Two – Healing through Creativity – Saturday 14 November

‘Healing through Creativity’ will explore the use of creativity and art to enhance your own wellbeing. It will also touch on the use of art in remembering, as well as exploring the links between creativity and wellbeing; introducing practical ideas that you can try at home or to stimulate ideas you may wish to explore further yourself. There are many ways of being creative and we encourage that everyone can find a way that they find helpful and enjoyable:

  • Creativity for wellbeing
  • The Art of Remembering
  • Therapeutic art making for your own wellbeing

These sessions are for members of, or for anyone who is eligible to join, our SSAFA Bereaved Families Support Groups. Please see below for groups that are eligible:

  • Bereaved Support Group – for anyone in the family unit (18+) who has suffered a bereavement of a veteran or serving Armed Forces personnel.
  • Military families affect by suicide group – for anyone in the family unit (18+) who has been affected by the loss of a loved one through suicide of a veteran or serving Armed Forces personnel.
  • Families of wounded injured and sick personnel – for a spouse/partner/parent or carer (18+) of Armed Forces personnel who have been wounded or suffered an injury, or sickness.

If you know of anyone, or are supporting any SSAFA beneficiaries, who may benefit from attending this online talk then please contact Jason Winer, Executive Assistant, Client Services at [email protected].

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