Tuesday 17th November 2020

Information for single parent Service families on the mechanisms and support available.

What it means to be a single parent in the RAF?

Single parenting can be tough without a demanding job. Being a single parent whilst serving in the RAF means juggling the demands of parenting, Service and the additional complexities of deployments and postings, which can make arranging childcare difficult.

Support for RAF single parents

Support for single parents:

  • Flexible service is a helpful option if you suddenly find yourself a single parent and trying to juggle work and childcare – it enables you to ask to temporarily work part time and /or restrict your separation from your home base – see what this could look like for you in our flexible service news story
  • Flexible working is another option and anyone in the RAF can ask their line manager to consider it – it offers compressed hours, flexible start and finish times and calling forward of leave, this flyer gives more details
  • Contact houses – single parents get priority in booking these comfortable homes from home if they have their children visiting and need somewhere to be as a family for the weekend
  • The RAF Association will help RAF personnel who are divorced or separated and who wish to make ‘contact visits’ with their child(ren), but are unable to utilise a unit Contact House. This is in the form of a contribution of up to £25/night towards hotel costs – speak to your Chief Clerk to apply

If you are facing becoming a single parent due to a marital breakdown, make sure you visit our relationship support page. On it, we list some of the support options available to you as well as highlighting important issues, such as the impact on children and your pension rights.

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