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Tuesday 31st August 2021

Make sure that anything you share on social media as personnel or as a family member of someone who Serves isn’t giving away more than you mean to. Here are some important online guidelines for you to follow to help you feel reassured you are doing the most that you can to keep yourself and your loved ones safe online.

Using social media is accepted by Defence and when used appropriately, it is encouraged. However there may be those who use such sites for unsavoury reasons and it’s always good practice to ensure your privacy settings are closed as much as possible.

Social media for personnel

There is a short guide for defence personnel online as well as on the internal MODNet system.

For families

Ensure your privacy settings are updated frequently. Various social media services can share unseen ‘metadata’ information that can share things such as your location, date, whether you are accessing information from a mobile device, or a computer. Read the ‘think before you share’ guidelines.

Source: GOV.UK (V: 21 Oct 2013)

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