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Friday 4th June 2021

Notices to Vacate, MOD welcome your views on SFA and Gas Safety – these are the three notices shared by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) for those of you living in Service Family Accommodation (SFA).

Notices to Vacate (NTV)

In line with latest government guidance, there have been a couple of changes to Notices to Vacate (NTV) for Service Personnel or families who have lost their entitlement to SFA, either due to leaving Service or estrangement.

From 1 June 2021, NTVs are now being issued with a four-month period of notice. This has reduced from the six-month period that had been in place but is still a month more than the normal NTV of 93 days. 

In addition, with effect from 1 June 2021, evictions can now proceed. As always, these will be considered on a case by case basis, taking into account any specific circumstances notified to us (Proportionality Exercise) and subject to the issue of an Order for Possession through the court system.

Since government guidance on pausing eviction action was issued in March 2020 due to Covid-19, it is likely a backlog of cases has built up within the court system. Therefore, no timescales can presently be given for Order for Possession or subsequent eviction action to take place.

All occupants are aware where they have lost their entitlement to occupy SFA and DIO will continue to provide details of how they can find support and source alternative accommodation.

If affected Service personnel and/or families have any concerns or enquiries then they should please contact the DIO Loss of Entitlement Team at [email protected].

UK SFA Customer Satisfaction Surveys – we want to hear your views

DIO, Amey and Mears conduct customer surveys including move in/move out surveys, customer satisfaction surveys and a monthly telephone survey of randomly selected SFA occupants is conducted by the Opinion Research Service (ORS) on behalf of the MOD. Further information on this survey can be found on the SFA section of GOV.UK.

The aim of the surveys are to gather research to help DIO better understand the views of Service personnel and families living in UK SFA and substitute SFA (SSFA).

Although occupants do not have to take part, if you are contacted, we encourage you to respond to the surveys. Your opinions are important to us and will be used to measure how DIO and our industry partners are performing and to identify ways of making further improvements to housing services. Answers are treated in the strictest confidence and only used for research purposes.

SFA gas safety

Gas safety is extremely important and DIO and our industry partners ensure that gas appliances in SFA are safe and checked every 12 months as a minimum. It is important that SFA occupants do not interfere or alter any gas appliance or associated pipework or ducts. In particular, boiler flues should not be obstructed or altered in any way. This is because the flues take in air and then dispel harmful fumes outside the SFA. Any interference with the flue could cause the appliance to malfunction, which could result in a safety risk to occupants. The flues are checked annually by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

In addition we are reminding occupants that before undertaking any DIY projects such as installing a covered area, like a gazebo, outside your SFA, you should submit an encroachment request to Amey so we can ensure that any such work is safe.


If it’s independent advice you need or have an issue that you cannot resolve, you can Report an Issue to the RAF Families Federation Team. There’s also a reference section online for Housing and Accommodation.

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