Tuesday 20th October 2020

We are now entering the time of year where the increase in cold and wet weather can trigger damp and mould in homes. Here we give you the low down on what it is and how to deal with it.

Why have I got mould in my house?

Mould is a fungus that needs moisture or damp conditions to grow. There are two underlying reasons that cause it to appear in a house, the structure of a house and condensation.


Structural damp is caused by the construction of the building. For instance, water penetrating through a wall due to insufficient damp-proofing, water leaks from pipes and guttering, or internal plumbing.


Condensation is normally caused by too much water vapour or steam through activities such as washing and drying clothes, cooking or showering. This is more noticeable in winter when we have our heating switched on and we are less likely to open our windows.

How to deal with mould in your SFA?

If you are experiencing mould and damp problems in your SFA it is important to report it to Amey in the first instance. Contact the Amey customer helpdesk on 0800 707 6000. They have also produced a handy guide ‘Your Service family accommodation – Dealing with damp and mould‘.

Contact the RAF FF Accommodation Team 

If you need support or guidance with accommodation contact us online – we have two housing experts on the team who can provide advice and guidance.  

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Photo by Tamas Kolossa on Unsplash

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