Service Police and Crimestoppers partnership

Monday 22nd April 2024

Service Police and the independent charity Crimestoppers have teamed up to help further protect Defence people and assets.

Joining all UK police forces and law enforcement agencies, Service Police will now also benefit from access to information reported 100% anonymously to Crimestoppers.

The new partnership provides:

  • A data sharing agreement – which means that any information reported to Crimestoppers on crime committed by a person or persons subject to Service law, is shared directly with the Defence Force Intelligence Bureau for allocation to the appropriate Service Police department.
  • A Service Police Integrity Phone Line – for Service Police to report concerns about a colleague’s behaviour. This reflects the bespoke Crimestoppers Police Integrity Phone Lines introduced for other UK police forces in recent years – including the Ministry of Defence Police.

Chief of Defence People, Vice Admiral Phil Hally said:

“Partnering with Crimestoppers is another positive step in our work to reform the Service Justice System – adopting best practices from the civilian Criminal Justice System and enhancing our ability to prevent and detect crime within Defence.

“Crimestoppers is a nationally respected independent charity that helps people to speak up, without fear of identification. The anonymous information now shared with our Service Police will complement our established independent crime reporting mechanisms.

“We’re committed to making Defence a safe place to work for everyone, and I welcome the introduction of the Integrity Line, to help ensure that our Service Police meet the high standards expected of our Armed Forces.”

Guaranteed anonymity:

  • As an independent charity for over three decades, Crimestoppers has worked on the frontline to enable the public, businesses, and individuals to speak up safely and report crime.
  • Crimestoppers is not part of the police and guarantees 100% anonymity for those who use its 24/7, 365 days of the year reporting service – free-of-charge for all members of the public in the UK.
  • When you contact Crimestoppers, you don’t have to give your name or make a statement. Your call won’t be tracked or recorded, and no one ever needs to know you contacted the charity. Crimestoppers wants to know what you know, not who you are. With highly trained and experienced Contact Centre staff, information is passed from Crimestoppers to the police, and now the Service Police, but personal details are never included.
  • Each year over 600,000 people contact Crimestoppers, often with vital information which can be shared with organisations to help them tackle criminal threats to their business, customers, and communities. These reports can offer valuable insights into crime trends and information on wrongdoing that may otherwise go undetected.

Mark Hallas, Chief Executive at Crimestoppers, said:

“I’m delighted that we’re working in partnership with all of Defence to ensure that the benefits of our unique service are available to everyone.

“Both by sharing information where relevant, and also by giving Service Police the opportunity to report wrongdoing, we are helping protect service personnel.”

Reporting crime and wrongdoing

If you or someone else are in immediate danger in the UK or you need support right away, always call 999.

How to contact Crimestoppers

If you are serving and living abroad, you must use the online information form to contact Crimestoppers – this will ensure your anonymity.
You can contact Crimestoppers by:

  • calling 0800 555 111 at any time of day or night – if in the UK only
  • completing the information form on the Crimestoppers website – the form is completely secure and designed to protect your anonymity

Details on the Service Police Integrity Phone Line will be shared on internal Service Police channels, once live.

How to contact the Service Police

To report a crime or speak to the Service Police, whether in the UK or overseas, you can call:

  • Service Police Crime Bureau – 02392 285 170 or 02392 285 180
  • Service Police confidential crime line – 0800 085 0685

You can also raise a report through your Chain of Command or attend or call a local Service Police station: the Service Police Crime Bureau can provide details.

Further information

Visit to find out more about the charity’s work and partnerships.

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