Tuesday 15th January 2019

The InDependent Spouse is run by military wife, Jess Sands who has just launched her next series of weekly podcasts which are fun and informative from inspirational men and women who experience service life from the ‘home-front’ while creating successful businesses. If you are looking to set up your own business, or simply just after some inspiration, then it’s easy to subscribe!

Jess adds:

“Series 2 launched yesterday (14th January) and it’s going to be a fab series. This whole series is dedicated to a very special lady. Kim Debling. Kim was an RAF officer who grew her own inspiring creative business and was due to be interviewed by me last year. Sadly Kim lost her battle with cancer and we never got to talk. So this series is for her, and for all you spouses out there. Just like Kim you are such an inspiration to me and I know that we are doing some amazing things and should be proud.”

There’s no big team behind The InDependent Spouse – just Jess, her microphone, a couple of noisy cats and her very operational husband that sometimes helps with the technical issues. Jess need a team behind me and is hoping this team is you.

If you like The InDependent Spouse and are excited for Series 2 then Jess would like your help in spreading the word. That might be through your Facebook page, your own business, or even just by talking to people. If you know someone that needs a little bit of inspiration then please tell them about The InDependent Spouse. Let’s make a change – it’s time that every military spouse is recognised as being brilliant!

Jess’s podcasts are shared in previous editions of Envoy magazine which is free to subscribe to and have your own copy sent to your home four times a year.

Imagery: © The InDependent Spouse

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