Navy catch out army to capitalise on costly error in Raytheon UK/Combat Stress’ IST20

Friday 24th June 2022

Hotly contested Twenty20 cricket matches were held on 16 June 2022 which included the Services’ Women at Lords for the first time. The event was sponsored by Raytheon UK in support of Combat Stress, acknowledging the importance of mental health in the sport and the Armed Forces.

Final cricket game reports

  • Royal Navy vs RAF – RAF won by 3 runs – RAF 168-8; Royal Navy 165-6 [2022 Results | Inter Services T20]
  • Army vs Navy – Army won by 43 runs -Army 171 / 8 (20) Vs Navy 128 / 9 (20)
  • UKAF vs MCC – Victory for the UKAF Woman in their first ever match at Lords as they beat the Marylebone Cricket Club by 6 wickets! UKAF Women 116/4; MCC 115/10
  • Army vs RAF – Army wins by 62 runs; Army 168/7, 106/10
Army unveils new hypersonic weapon with this powerful six at the Raytheon UK/Combat Stress IST20

The Army unveils new hypersonic weapon with this powerful six

Raytheon UK sponsors the annual Inter Services T20 (IST20) tournament as they firmly believe in supporting Combat Stress and raising awareness of mental health within the military and wider public.

  • Through fun events such as IST20 they can deliver a serious message and help break down any taboos still associated with talking about mental health
  • Whilst physical health has always been a priority for the military as well as industry, it’s now about making sure mental health is treated with the same importance and sharing that message widely
Not just defending the UK but also their wicket as UKAF hits drive

Not just defending the UK but also their wicket as UKAF hits drive

Combat Stress

For over a century Combat Stress has helped former Service personnel deal with issues like PTSD, anxiety and depression.

  • They provide specialist treatment and support for Veterans from every service and conflict, focusing on those with complex mental health issues related to their military service.
  • Combat Stress provides a range of community, outpatient and residential mental health services to veterans with complex mental health problems with services in-person, and via phone and online. The stats speak for themselves – in 2021 Combat Stress answered 11,000 call, helped 14,000 veterans and used 81p from every £1 raised on Veteran’s treatment and support.

Why does Raytheon UK support Combat Stress?

For the company, Raytheon UK has made mental health awareness  a strategic wellbeing priority having trained a group of employees to become mental health ambassadors to help employees and managers support colleagues through difficult and challenging times. With both external help at the ready and internal support including a dedicated hub of resources, mental health is constantly being addressed through seminars, lectures and first hand accounts of how people have dealt with their experiences. Acknowledging that every experience and way of talking about it is different.

Jeff Lewis, CEO of Raytheon UK says:

“We also know that sport is a good medium for dealing with stress and we are very pleased to be supporting the Armed Forces with the cricket. Exercise is a great way to boost our mood and it promotes great collaboration, camaraderie and togetherness; an attitude we take towards mental health.”

The time has run out on gender inequality with UKAF Women's (black) and Marylebone Cricket Club Women's (blue) Teams!

The time has run out on gender inequality with UKAF Women’s (black) and Marylebone Cricket Club Women’s (blue) Teams!


Top news story image caption: Navy catch out Army to capitalise on a costly error in Raytheon UK/Combat Stress’s IST20

Imagery: UKAF Cricket/Andrew Fosker

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