Monday 4th January 2021

Join us during January and February where we will be sharing some daily tips and linking you up with some great organisations on career support and financial awareness. We’ll also be explaining how we can help you with any issues or concerns you may have in these areas.

Find out how the RAF Families Federation can help offer confidential advice and support, as well as signposting you to the best experts for issues experienced both at home and at work. As RAF Service personnel or family members, single, married or in long term partnerships, we are here for you all and wherever you are in the world.

January will be geared more strongly around career support and February will lend itself more to financial tips and ideas on where to go for independent support.  

To start off with, here is a date for your diary to join us at our first 2021 webinar! We’re mindful some overseas families won’t be able to join due to time differences, BUT we will be recording it and we can email to you afterwards if you want to go ahead and register online with us (questions are welcome to [email protected] in advance and we can build the answers into the webinar!).

Webinar poster for 21 Jan 2021 from 1-2 pm.

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This story comes to you as part of the RAF FF’s themed campaign over January and February on all things relating to careers and finance. You can keep yourself up to date with ongoing information and advice shared by signing up to our (free) weekly eBulletin and our quarterly Envoy magazine

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