SAC Davis driving a forklift with 504 Sqn on Exercise Wight Oak in 2019.

Wednesday 29th April 2020

A mother and son from Outwell in Norfolk are ready to move as Royal Air Force Reservists with 504 (County of Nottingham) Squadron from RAF Wittering.

504 Squadron is part of Reserve Logistic Support Wing (RLSW) which also includes 501 Squadron at RAF Brize Norton and 605 Squadron at RAF Cosford. Collectively RLSW has mobilised nearly 60 reservists who are ready to support Op RESCRIPT, the military operation to help the country tackle the Coronavirus pandemic in the United Kingdom. 

18-year-old Aircraftman Terry Davis joined the RAF Reserve last July and aspires to become an RAF driver and may join up as a regular. His driver training will take place at RAF Wittering and, like many other reservists, he is keen to help with the relief effort.

Aircraftman Davis said:

“I just want to get involved really and help out. Being in 504 Squadron is a nice taster and it’s a good way to get your foot in the door.”

504 (County of Nottingham) Squadron was first formed in 1928 and has an impressive military history. Today 504 Squadron is a Reserve Logistics Support Unit which recruits, trains and employs RAF chefs, drivers, suppliers and technicians.

Squadron Leader Andy Ham is Officer Commanding 504 Squadron. He said:

“Being mobilised means that you are ready to move. Your kit is organised and you are waiting for the call that tells you where the job is and when to be there.”

Terry’s mum is Senior Aircraftman Gemma Davis (42) and a fully qualified military driver with 504 Squadron. SAC Davis joined up in 2014 and, most recently, has been deployed to RAF Marham in Norfolk. Balancing her Reservist career and being a full-time mum is no mean feat.

SAC and AC Davis 504 Sqn
Terry and Gemma Davis.

SAC Davis said:

“It’s like another family. Everyone supports each other in the Reserves and the Regulars as well. I enjoy my job the most when I’m in the truck and feel like I’m doing something useful.”

Group Captain Jo Lincoln is the Station Commander at RAF Wittering and Commanding Officer of the A4 Force Elements. She said:

“Readiness is everything in times like these, and our airmen and airwomen must be fit and ready to serve at any time. A serious part of being a reservist is being available, contactable and prepared to go at a moment’s notice.”

The Station Commander continued:

“I know full well that our reserve units are ready and resilient, and they can respond quickly to the challenges Coronavirus may bring and make real contributions to the Defence of this country.”

Top image: SAC Davis driving a forklift with 504 Sqn on Exercise Wight Oak in 2019.

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