Thursday 18th November 2021

The OW-B survey has contributed to the development of health and wellbeing policies and initiatives.

Have you been chosen to take part?
Your opinions are important to us and we value the time you have taken to tell us about your health and well-being. Check your emails to find out whether you have been selected to take part.

To access the survey: RAF Occupational Well-Being Survey 2021

Please use your Service number as the token to access the survey.

You can tell us about your experiences until 17th December 2021.

• How is the survey anonymous if you are asking for my serving number and details that can specifically identify
me? – We use service numbers to restrict participation, but once you complete the survey the data is separated from your identity. The psychologist analysing the data will receive it as bulk response ie. 20 people responded ‘yes’ to this question. The survey is voluntary and it is your choice to respond. We do appreciate all responses as the more replies we have the greater the data we have to help form policy.
• The LimeSurvey platform isn’t working? – Unfortunately, the survey platform we use can freeze if a lot of people are
attempting to fill out the survey all at once. Please wait 5/10 minutes and try again. If you are still having problems, please email us on the MULTIUSER email below.
• Why is the OW-B selective? – We use a sample survey in order to reduce survey burden and limit costs. It is not necessary to survey all personnel to make generalisations across the RAF population – to ensure assumptions are accurate and not biased, weighting is applied to the data.
• What happens with the results? – With regards to reporting the results, within the report we try to present a balanced picture by highlighting the key areas of satisfaction as well as the main areas of dissatisfaction/negativity. Changes can sometimes take a long time to implement and therefore it may appear that the results are not making a difference. However, the Wellbeing and Resilience Team rely heavily on this source to ensure that policies meet personnel needs.
• Where can I see the findings? – The OW-B report will be available on the HQ Air Occupational Psychology SharePoint under Published Research.
• Where can I get more information? – Please contact the HQ Air Occupational Psychology Team: Air-COSPers-Pol Psych Grp Mbox (MULTIUSER)

See also: Tri-service reserves continuous attitude survey 2021

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