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Friday 20th July 2018

RAF Scampton Spring Nursery has been successful in being awarded £20,000 from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund to enable them to refurbish their on-site kitchen. A great example of community integration as both military and civilian families use the nursery therefore the whole community will benefit.

One of the many roles of the RAF FF’s Regional Covenant Managers is to assist RAF Stations with applications towards Covenant Funding of which, RAF Scampton has been one of the most recent successes.

Katie Parkin, Manager at Spring Scampton said:

“The funding will make such a huge difference to us here at Spring Nursery.  We are now able to pursue our goal of refurbishing our kitchen area, which is extremely tired and needs updating, and through additional funding we can purchase our white goods for the kitchen therefore making sure we are meeting all the children’s needs.  We also hope in the near future to open our kitchen to the local community, to come in and help make healthy meals for the children and pass on our knowledge to others”

Gill Angel, CDO at RAF Scampton who worked on the bid said: 

“I am absolutely over the moon – a very big thank you to The RAF Families Federation for all that you did to help us!  It was very much appreciated.”

Lisa Thipthorp, Covenant Manager (East), RAF Families Federation said: 

“The wellbeing of their children, like all parents, is often a huge stress factor for serving parents. It is important to keep this to a minimum for obvious operational reasons.  We are so very pleased that families at Scampton will directly benefit from the Covenant Funding award.”

Imagery: © RAF FF (story image) and Crown Copyright 2018

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