Tuesday 12th February 2019

The Defence Committee took evidence from the three Families Federations in Parliament today based around the Armed Forces Covenant Annual Report for 2018.

Areas discussed included reviewing governance, healthcare, education, accommodation, Foreign and Commonwealth personnel and veterans, family life, through-life support and business – and the community.

RAF Families Federation Director, Maria Lyle said:

“It was good to have the opportunity to flag up just a few of the challenges that our serving personnel and their families face daily to the Defence Select Committee this morning. Please keep making your voices heard to us – whether you are single and in SLA, or have children and are juggling their care, we are here to advocate and influence on your behalf.”

Challenges included:

  • Accommodation still a top issue – Service Family Accommodation but also Single Living Accommodation and particularly to allow the levers to be able to work under the new devolved budget control that has been given to Station Commanders
  • School admission processes and Service Pupil Premium – particularly transparency around the differences in education structure in place in Scotland to support service children
  • Families moving on transitioning – access to schooling included as part of the transitioning process
  • Dispersed Families – understand geographical reach and appropriate linking support services
  • Access to healthcare on new postings – continuation of healthcare when moving
  • Childcare costs – particularly raised by the RAF FF for the difference in childcare fees v same wage when posted to different locations.

You can watch the discussions clicking on the above image

Written evidence is also available online.

Maria was of three on the witness panel joined with the CEO of the Naval Families Federation, Anna Wright and deputy for the Army Families Federation, Louise Simpson.

Source: Parliament UK


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