Tuesday 26th March 2024

The government has published its response to the Quinquennial Review (QQR) of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS).

What is the Quinquennial review?

The purpose of the QQR is to ensure that the AFCS remains fit for purpose, providing appropriate financial support to those members of the Armed Forces who are injured, become ill or die as a result of service, and identifying opportunities for policy improvement.

The AFCS compensates for injury, illness or death which was caused by Service on or after 6 April 2005. The AFCS is independently reviewed every five years to ensure it remains fit for purpose – a process known as the Quinquennial Review.

Minister for Defence People and Families, Dr Andrew Murrison MP said:

“Our Armed Forces work with courage and dedication to protect our national security and it is only right that they receive fair and just compensation, should they be injured or become ill due to their service.

“Accepting the majority of the Quinquennial Review’s recommendations will significantly improve awareness of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme and the experience of those who make claims under it.”

The QQR recommendations include proposals to:

  • Raise awareness of the AFCS by improving the availability and accessibility of information: the MOD will work to ensure that claimants are provided with clear information about AFCS, making a claim and what to expect during the process.
  • Improve communications with claimants so that they are kept informed about progress on their claim, the reasons for a particular tariff being awarded and the options for reviewing a decision.
  • Empower caseworkers so that they are equipped to better support claimants and carry out their roles. Caseworkers already take steps to share best practice and improve consistency, and the MOD will take account of the QQR’s learning and development suggestions to build on the existing training offer.
  • Commission the Independent Medical Expert Group to review some medical aspects of the AFCS.

To find out more about Defence’s response to the QQR recommendations, visit Quinquennial Review of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme 2023 (

For more information about the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, including who is eligible and how to make a claim, visit Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (

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