Thursday 26th August 2021

Forces Children’s Education (FCE) has received the bronze award from the Ministry of Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) for its contribution to helping Armed Forces families in Scotland.

The ERS honours organisations which provide exceptional support to the military community. FCE was created to ensure Armed Forces children and young people can thrive in the Scottish education system, by offering advice and assistance to families and educators.

Carolyn MacLeod, National Transitions Officer of Forces Children's Education.
© Malcolm Cochrane Photography.
Carolyn MacLeod, National Transitions Officer of FCE.
© Malcolm Cochrane Photography

National Transitions Officer Carolyn MacLeod, who runs Forces Children’s Education, says: “It is a tremendous achievement to have been recognised as a valuable support for Armed Forces families, their children, and communities. This award highlights the attention we are paying and the commitments we are making across Scotland.”

Professor Michael Wood, General Secretary of the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland, adds: “I am really thrilled not only with this award but the recognition this gives to Armed Forces children and education in Scotland, and how we are supporting them.”

To learn more about this award, click here.

About Forces Children’s Education

Forces Children’s Education (FCE) offers clear and concise information to educators and Armed Forces families. The FCE website was created by the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland (ADES), in conjunction with local authorities and the Ministry of Defence, and working closely with the Scottish Government. FCE’s team works in collaboration with educators, families and partnership groups. For more information on Forces Children’s Education and the role of the National Transitions Officer visit the website via the logo image below.

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