Thursday 20th January 2022

Are you pregnant, expecting or have taken parenting leave? Share your experiences in this latest survey from the DWN/Pregnancy and Maternity Sub-Network.

As part of the Defence Women’s Network’s ongoing aim to ensure continued improvement to the behaviours pregnant women and new parents experience within the workplace, the DWN/Pregnancy and Maternity Sub-Network invite you to take part in their inaugural survey which aims to understand the varied journeys being experienced.

The aims of this survey are to:

  • understand the varied journeys being experienced
  • see how easy policy is to find, interpret and ultimately use
  • review how the organisation is managing its obligations to keep individuals safe both physically and mentally
  • to gain lived experiences which will feed the community’s future scope and help target specific areas where either improvements can be made or identify where good practise is being followed which can be shared.

The completion of the survey is anonymous, so please be as honest as possible without sharing any personal details. This is an exciting opportunity to be involved in and the information provided will be used to raise awareness of the issues being faced, improvements which can be made and make Defence an even better place to be for working parents.

To access the survey visit, Pregnancy and Maternity Annual Benchmarking Survey 2022

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