Service Family Accommodation

Thursday 12th March 2020

DIO and Amey understand that families may have concerns about the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID 19) on the management and maintenance of their SFA and the impact on any upcoming moves.  They have therefore put together a business continuity plan with the aim of minimising the spread of the virus and keeping both families and their staff as safe as possible.

The measures in the plan that DIO and Amey have now put into effect are:

  • Amey Helpdesk agents will ask all callers if anyone living at the property is suspected of being at risk of Coronavirus or is self-isolating.
  • Operatives attending appointments will call ahead to ask residents if they or anyone living at the property is suspected of being at risk of Coronavirus or is self-isolating.
  • Occupants in affected properties with planned moves will have their move delayed until it is confirmed they are clear of infection.

As soon as the Amey Helpdesk is aware that the virus might be/is present within a property, the property will be categorised as ‘affected’, and a ‘pop up’ notification will be put in place to let all relevant people (such as contractors) know.  Any response repair works to an affected property will be limited to Emergency or Critical orders only to ensure that spread of the virus to other people is limited.

Properties will remain categorised as ‘affected’ until the occupant confirms to the Helpdesk, or the Regional Accommodation Team confirms with the occupant, that medical authorities have confirmed they have tested negatively for Corona Virus or do not have it.  The ‘pop up’ notification will be removed from the property record and standard repairs can then take place.

DIO and Amey are seeking further advice on how to work with properties where there has been a confirmed outbreak of Coronavirus and residents have since recovered and will keep the Families Federations updated on this.  They will continue to monitor the situation and respond, as required, to advice from the Government and Public Health England.

For up to date advice on Coronavirus symptoms and how to avoid spreading it.

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