Thursday 28th January 2021

The fully funded Partner Career Support Programme is here for partners of those who are Serving in the Armed Forces. Over 400 places have been snapped up so far but there is still room on this online course for more. There are just two weeks left before applications close on 31 March so if you are wondering if it’s for you… now’s a good time to jump in.

The programme ends on 30th May with eligibility for the CTP Partner Career Support Programme including those who’s partners are on resettlement, in their last 2 years or have submitted termination notice. The programme is also open to anyone whose partner has Served for 4+ years and is still in Service on 1st April 2021.

  • Start the course with your own ‘Career Pulse’ so you start at the right level for you
  • Work at a pace to suit your own commitments
  • Join from wherever you are in the world

Read Annie’s case study:

Annie is currently employed overseas whilst accompanying her husband. Her aim is to find a more lucrative role to be able to stay in Singapore or find a senior management role within the finance sector or large multi-national upon return to the UK.  Securing employment in Singapore was difficult for Annie. She came up against challenges that are all too familiar for military partners; either she was over-qualified, or organisations were nervous about employing someone who may only be there temporarily.   Annie viewed the Partner Programme as an opportunity to take advantage of a service just for military partners and initially she simply wanted to learn more about it.  She says “at the time of applying, I really didn’t know what benefits or opportunities were included”
Situation Before applying to the PCSP, Annie’s main barrier in understanding her career path was that she knew she had good experience and skills but really didn’t know how to present these in order to sell herself effectively.  Knowing what sectors/organisations she could fit into was also a challenge.  She was also keen to find resources to build on her professional and personal development. Annie wanted “a killer CV and LinkedIn profile” from her time on the programme.  She also needed knowledge of companies and sectors who are actively recruiting women into senior management/director level roles; one of her main goals is securing a role that exceeds the GBP60K threshold
Outcome Initially, Annie thought she needed to be working towards achieving the right qualifications to support the breadth of knowledge and experience that her CV would outline.  She thought “I have a strong skillset, I just need to get qualified!”.  However, after taking her first ‘Career Pulse’ on the myCareerPath virtual platform (which is designed bespoke for the PCSP) and discussions with her Career Consultant, Lauren, her whole perception changed. She said “I was underselling myself and I needed to recognise the skills I have worked hard to build.  I needed to stop downplaying them and recognise that I’ve earned them through hard work and long hours”.
Testimonial The elements of the programme that helped Annie move forward the most were honest feedback and critique of her CV and LinkedIn profile in addition to the e-learning on offer via myCareerPath, which she found to be comprehensive.  On her biggest takeaways, Annie says of her newly-developed CV & LinkedIn profile “they’re both something I’m very proud of – and I’ve managed to share my knowledge with my husband who has also written his!  I’ve got the experience – and the qualification, whilst useful, is not the end goal.  The learning and being able to demonstrate at interview are just as important!”

Annie advises other participants:

“Listen and take action on the advice you are given – take the recommended steps as you will find yourself in a strong position to progress with the next parts of the programme.  Don’t put off taking the initiative to invest in yourself as your advisor is right beside you every step of the way!”

“The advice I’ve received from Lauren has expanded the job market by providing me with more choice to search within.  I have a lot more confidence about my employability value!

“I owe it to myself to recognise and be proud of my achievements.  Thank you Lauren!”

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