Unaccompanied Minors Flights

Thursday 29th August 2019

Recent decisions by some airlines to withdraw their unaccompanied minors’ service for service personnel on overseas assignments has led to additional costs being incurred and confusion surrounding the options available to families.

Different airlines have different policies regarding unaccompanied minors’ flights. To understand an airline’s specific unaccompanied minors’ policy, have a look on their website.

Some airlines provide unaccompanied minors flights services, some airlines will only allow children from the age of 12 to 14 (if they have a letter of consent from their parents) and some airlines will only allow children over the age of 16 to fly unaccompanied. Some airlines will require you to call the airline directly to book for a person under the age of 16, rather than order tickets online.

If you cannot find an airline to book an unaccompanied minors flight, MOD policy will fund return flights for one parent to collect their children.

Please see the attached information in JSP 752 for details.

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