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Tuesday 21st April 2020

Oak National Academy is a new collection of high-quality lessons and online resources. Backed by the Government, it has been created in response to the coronavirus lockdown.

The online classroom offers free access to great teachers, delivering video lessons, quizzes and worksheets. Available for both primary and secondary levels, it covers a range of subjects. All of the lessons are ordered so your child can learn along a clear plan. We’ll provide new lessons and resources each week.

Follow your school’s advice. They may have their own plans already in place. They’ll be free to suggest if and how this online classroom is used, perhaps alongside any existing work.

Oak National Academy will fit alongside other resources such as BBC Bitesize to offer a structure for the day for children until schools fully reopen.

How it works

Schools are free to decide how their pupils make use of these lessons and resources, to fit in with current lesson plans and complement existing work.

Each Oak National Academy lesson will be an hour long, with elements such as a quiz, a video explanation from the teacher and a worksheet.

Each lesson has been created by a subject expert in a careful plan. Teachers will let pupils know how they can best use these resources. There are two options:

  • Either, teachers and pupils can use all the lessons and resources in their entirety, following along the set plan of content for each subject.  Click the Schedule button when inside the online classroom to follow along like this.
  • Alternatively, teachers can choose individual bits of content or lessons that work best for them and their pupils. This can be  in as many or as few subjects as needed. Teachers will let their pupils know which lessons to do, and when. Click the Subject button when inside the online classroom to access these options.

In either case, teachers will let pupils and parents know which option to select in the online classroom.

More information can be found on the Oak National Academy website.

Screenshot of the Online Classroom section of the Oak National Academy website.

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