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Friday 17th December 2021

We can all do our bit to reduce the pressure on our NHS by seeking the right care in the right place for our health needs. Here’s a guide to some of the services offered by the NHS, to help you determine the best one(s) for your healthcare needs:

This website provides accurate and reliable information to help you make informed decisions about your health needs. It includes advice and information on:

  • How to help yourself manage common symptoms such as fever, earache and vomiting.
  • Home treatments and over-the counter remedies.
  • Symptom checkers to let you know where to go if you need further medical care.

Community pharmacy
If you have a minor illness, a local pharmacy should be your first stop. Your local pharmacy can help with:

  • Managing your repeat prescriptions.
  • Accessing free emergency contraception.
  • Advice and treatment for minor illnesses and common conditions.

General Practice
General Practices are open and available for your health and wellbeing needs, but they are continuing to work differently as a result of COVID-19. Think about whether you can manage your illness yourself, or visit your local pharmacy before calling your General Practice.

NHS 24 on 111
NHS 24 on 111 can help you get the right care if:

  • You think you need A&E, but it’s not life threatening.
  • Your GP or dental practice is closed, and you cannot wait until they reopen.

Your local A&E is for emergencies, such as:

  • severe injury
  • a suspected heart attack or stroke
  • severe breathing difficulties
  • severe bleeding

NHS Inform – Right Care Right Place

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