NHS podcast: General Practice and the care of families of Service personnel

Wednesday 16th June 2021

The RAF Families Federation has contributed to a new resource to help improve awareness for the NHS on general practice and care of families of Service personnel.

Vaness Plumley MBE, Policy Manager at the RAF Families Federation comments on their contribution:

“The RAF Families Federation in conjunction with the Navy and Army Families Federations were delighted to have been asked by the Royal College of General Practioners to contribute to these podcasts to enable GPs to better understand some of the idiosyncrasies of what it means to be in a military family and what the challenges of this can be. These podcasts provide an easily accessible resource to be used by all GPs to gain these insights to ensure that they have that additional information to improve the care for military families.”

Listen to the podcasts here

General practice and the care of families of serving personnel – part 1

In part 1, the Army Families Federation, Naval Families Federation and RAF Families Federation Health and Additional Needs advisors (Karen Ross, Jenny Ward and Alison Cotton) talk through the unique challenges of being a military family.

Click to play Part 1

General practice and the care of families of serving personnel – part 2

In part 2, the spouse of a serving person talks through her family’s challenges with a GP who has had experience of dealing with military families.

Click to play Part 2

How the RAF Families Federation works to improve quality of life for the RAF family

As well as providing practical support and advice, we lobby for change and work with organisations and agencies, such as the NHS, to ensure our RAF families are treated fairly and do not face disadvantage because of the unique nature of service life.

More about the work we do.

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