Tuesday 31st July 2018

The Armed Forces Education Trust has a new website which may make things easier to see more easily how the Trust might be able to help you with an award of a grant for education in the form of individual grants or collective grants.

The Trust is a charity working for children and young adults whose education has been compromised or put at risk as a result of parents’ past or current service in our Armed Forces. The grants the Trust gives make a difference to young lives, helping improve their educational opportunities or supporting special skills or talents.

It’s aims

  1. To help fund the education of the children of service men and women who have been disadvantaged by their parents’ service.
  2. To ensure children do not miss out because of their parents’ service regardless of age, ability, parental rank or past or current service.
  3. To provide schools with funding for additional resources to support the education of children whose parents serve or have served in the Armed Forces.

To find out more – go online to the Armed Forces Education Trust website.

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