Service Family Accommodation

Friday 29th April 2022

From the DIO Accommodation Team.

This message provides an update on the issue affecting appointments in the South East and South West Regions:

Last week an issue arose where appointments were not transferred between Pinnacle and VIVO systems. This impacted families in the South East and South West Regions, and led to missed appointments.

VIVO have completed system fixes and are now receiving appointments through the National Service Centre (NSC). They are contacting affected families who raised jobs with the NSC whilst the interface was down (14-26 April) to arrange appointment slots. If the family cannot be reached via a telephone call, VIVO will email with an appointment and will advise the family to contact the NSC to re-arrange the appointment if the one proposed is not suitable.

All families should have been contacted with a proposed appointment by 6th May.

In addition, Pinnacle are contacting families who had missed appointments to confirm they will receive missed appointment compensation in the form of an e-voucher. The first batch of vouchers has already been emailed to families and Pinnacle will endeavour to get all the vouchers emailed out over the next two weeks. Families do not need to contact the NSC to claim their compensation and will receive the e-vouchers automatically.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused families. These new contracts are designed with families firmly in mind to transform housing services for our Armed Forces. We are working closely with Pinnacle, VIVO, Amey and service family accommodation stakeholders to address issues when they arise, to minimise impact to your lived experience.

We thank you in the meantime for your continued patience. For further information about the new FDIS Accommodation contracts that replaced the National Housing Prime (NHP) contract on 1 April 2022, please continue to check the SFA Gov.UK website, Pinnacle website and Families Federations and HIVE social media and web pages.

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