Monday 1st October 2018

The RAF Families Federation will welcome a new Director in the shape of former RAF officer Maria Lyle, who will join the RAF Wittering-based team at the end of October.

Nick Bunting, Secretary General of the Royal Air Forces Association, who manages the Federation contract commented: “Maria’s wide-ranging career provided her with a comprehensive skill-set and experience to help advise and serve the RAF family. In addition, Maria brings a deep knowledge and understanding of both serving in the RAF and of being part of the RAF family.

“Maria is joining a team which has already developed a strong franchise amongst the RAF family and this appointment further highlights the Association’s commitment to delivering a high-quality Families Federation service.”

Maria comes to the Federation from her current role as Operations and Relationship Director for RM Education where she has led a multi-national team to deliver an outsourced IT service to schools across England. Her previous appointments have included running leadership and change management programmes for both private and public sector clients.

Her strategic relationship management experience was developed as an Assistant Director at the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Here, Maria worked directly with Cabinet Ministers, providing advice to enable them to refine policy and respond to business needs – much like the core work of the Families Federation in providing evidence from personnel and their families to provide an independent voice to influence policy change.

Maria is married to John, who is currently serving in the RAF and so brings with her experience of not only serving but of being a partner, living in Service Family Accommodation and all that life brings as being part of the RAF family.

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