Friday 30th August 2019

Aircraft from the German, Italian and Israeli Air Forces have arrived at RAF Waddington to participate in Exercise Cobra Warrior.  They will join aircraft from the Royal Air Force and United States Air Force in high intensity large force tactical training over the coming weeks.

Around 50 aircraft of various types will be participating in the exercise.  The exercise will take place from the 1-20 September and will be controlled by directing staff at RAF Waddington.

The Exercise Director, Group Captain Robert Barrett said:

“The RAF welcomes the participation of our Air Force colleagues from other nations and we welcome the opportunity to train alongside all of the participating nations’ forces on this challenging exercise.”

Lieutenant Colonel Dirk Pingel the head of Weapons Instructor Training for the German Air Force said:

“Cobra Warrior offers us the opportunity to complete training within the Mission Employment Phase for our future Weapons Instructors. The level of training combined with the variety of training partners help achieve the required standards within the Weapons School Criteria.”

Colonel Urbano Floreani, the 4th Wing Commander, from the Italian Air Force said:

“We are honoured to participate again in this very demanding and well organised international exercise.  It will be a chance to fly with a selection of the best Weapon Instructors of the participating countries. Sharing our experiences will mutually increase our capabilities.”

Image: An Israeli F-15 landing at RAF Waddington to take part in Exercise COBRA WARRIOR starting on the 2nd September.

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