Thursday 3rd September 2020

Once you have been allocated Service Family Accommodation (SFA) you are responsible for making arrangements to Move-In. This goes beyond managing the logistics of a house move, there are other important factors you should be aware of. Here we highlight the things you need to know before moving into SFA.

What you need to know about moving into SFA

It is important the move in process is followed correctly

On your Move-In appointment ensure the Accommodation Officer (AO) follows the Amey process. This provides you with assurance when the Occupancy Form is signed everything is in working order and if not, it has has been recorded and, will be rectified within 24hrs.

When you sign you are agreeing the property is of Move-In standard

Charges are applied for any damage observed at Move-Out. To ensure you are not charged unduly at move-out consider taking the following precautions:

  • Keep a copy of your Move-In paperwork.
  • Take photographs of any damage when you Move-In, keeping dated copies.
  • Fill in your 14-day report highlighting any damage in the property attaching photographs taken, retain a copy for your records.

14 Day report

On your Move-In appointment the AO will leave you with a 14 day report. This is for you to record anything which may have been missed at Move-In that you don’t want to be charged for at Move-Out. Ensure it is returned on time and you keep a copy for your own records.

Standard home insurance will not be sufficient

If you occupy SFA you will sign a Licence to Occupy SFA. This means you are not classified as a tenant as you would be in a usual rental property. The Licence to Occupy contains a clause which states you are liable for damage up to at least the sum advised currently by the MOD – your standard home insurance policy will not cover your liability.

It is advised you take out contents insurance and consider adding liability insurance, although not compulsory it is highly recommended and protects you and provides peace of mind. Check with your insurance provider if you already have it or, if not, if it can be added to your policy. Some military uniform insurance providers may already have as part of their policies.

More information about moving in to SFA can be found on our Move-In page.

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